Product Highlights

  • Reliable & continuous heat release. Available in 72 hour and 110 hour packs.
  • Provides a minimum warmer surface temperature of at least 100°F.
  • Ideal for shipping live animals, fish, insects, plants, chemicals & more.
  • Environmentally safe. Non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Reliable & Consistent Heat

HeatShip® heat packs are the top choice for many importers and exporters throughout the world. Wether you’re shipping plants, reptiles, fish, coral or anything that needs to stay consistently warm for extended periods of time, our heat packs are the only reliable option. Our heat packs are ready to use within 5-15 minutes of being exposed to oxygen. A single heat pack will increase the temperature of a 1cu. ft. box by 20 degrees and for every additional heat pack will raise an additional 10 degrees. Sold in 72 hour and 110 hour durations for maximum protection. Our heat packs are environmentally safe, disposable and biodegradable. Just throw them in the regular trash when fully depleted.

Product Reviews